Hey! 👋 I'm Chris!

I'm a web developer

based in Toronto, Canada.

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I'm a front-end developer with a finely honed sense of fun.

I create functional and memorable websites and web apps, using an ever-growing array of technology (see below). I'm a proud graduate of Juno College's Web Development bootcamp and am actively searching to work for a company whose values align with my own. Work hard but don't hustle. Go all-out, but don't burn out. Overall, keep it fun!


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Ah, HTML, the building blocks of all things on The Semantic Web. These days it is brimming with accessibility features. And that... is awesome.


Where would we be without CSS? Why, somewhere very plain and ordinary and so 1996.


If HTML and CSS are works of art at a gallery, then JavaScript is the bouncy ball they give you to bounce off of the pieces. (That doesn't happen, does it..?)

React JS

With some stunning features (ahem, JSX), I can build *fast* single-page/mobile sites with relative ease!

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Fire has been essential for humankind's survival for some time. Firebase is an essential tool for real-time database/content hosting and access.


No, Git isn't just a wonderful bit of British slang. Git is crucial for maintaining strict version control in my projects.

latest projects

screenshot and link to Whatever Floats your Vote site



Error Handling


Whatever Floats your Vote

From a simple client brief, our team of four created this interactive voting booth app in under two weeks! Users can create a poll with two options, view (and vote on) other users polls, and delete booths from the site. Accessible, responsive, colourful and easy to use!




"I'm Bored" App

I certainly had a "look" in mind when I created this activity-generating website. Using the Bored API, I created a one-page, Commodore 64-esque page where users can narrow down what sort of activities they'd like suggestions for. I implemented a fun CRT monitor effect, courtesy of Alec Lownes.

screenshot and link to activity-generator site
screenshot and link to Wits and Clicks site

Vanilla JS


Error Handling

A Battle of Wits and Clicks

Using two external APIs, one good and one evil, choose to give advice or insult the other player! What happens when you go too far? Through paired programming, fellow developer Libby Reeves and I built this from the ground up.




PSD Conversion

"Captured" PSD Conversion

Working with a design doc and supplied assets, I created this accessible, responsive website from scratch. Used SASS to keep my CSS as DRY as possible!

screenshot and link to a photography website called Captured


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“Chris is a rare find in front-end web development—he's where limitless creativity meets relentless problem solving. And I dare you not to like him, too.”

Tiffany Regaudie
Content Consultant & Copywriter
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Chris has a talent for making things work despite whatever obstacles pop up. To paraphrase Jurassic Park's Dr. Ian Malcolm, "Chris, uh, finds a way."

Rachel Parry
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